CNC Upgrades

Bring new life to your unused or older CNC equipment!


Do you have an unused, older CNC machine languishing at the back of your workshop or in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust?

Want to give your students CNC experience but the budget won’t stretch to buying the latest equipment?

We can cost effectively upgrade most models of CNC machine to run modern CAD/CAM software, bringing new life to your older equipment and saving you a significant amount of money on buying a new machine. Where possible we re-use existing components on your machine to keep costs down even further and any new components we use are readily available ‘off-the-shelf’ items so future servicing costs will be minimal.

What can an upgrade include?

  • Axis speeds considerably increased
  • Choice of upgraded spindle motors
  • Modern safety switches and interlocks fitted
  • Homing switches added if required
  • Option to have front panel buttons
  • Mechanical / electrical reworking as needed
  • Compatible with modern CAD/CAM systems (2D & 3D)

Conversions can be tailored to your particular requirements.

Warranties are available and we can arrange training for your staff on using your upgraded machine.

CNC Flyer

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Click here to view a video of a Unimatic conversion (as per photo above) we recently exhibited at the ICSAT Design and Technology Conference in Bradford. Axis speed has been increased to 6.5 mtrs/min.